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Product Description

Mini sized, Waterproof IPX5, Rubber coating, feels comfortable.
A docking station provides an alternative method to charge and make it a lot quicker and easy to use.
Real time tracking by GPS satellite.
AGPS, TTFF in 30 seconds (10 seconds for GPRS included).
Fall down alarm for children and elderly, patient.
Built-in Vibration sensor.
With rechargeable 900mah Lithium battery.
Built-in 3D G-sensor for motion, shock alarm and power management.
Voice monitoring
Two-way voice communication.
Data logging: 60000locations.
GPRS blind area data re-upload function
Firmware upgrade over the air.
Reply map link of current position.
SOS emergency button.
Geo-zone alarm, Over speed alarm, Movement alarm.
U-blox GPS technology
Docking station features:
Build in BLE 5.0
charging and with 2000mAh backup battery  
Indoor positioning via BLE 
Voice prompt include SOS, fall down, tilt alarm, alarm clock reminder, sedentary reminder, medication reminder etc
3 buttons to call preset numbers, include SOS call
LED illuminated display
WIFI for future development
Supported Bands:
Simcom 800C 2G frequency: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
Antenna: Built-in laser curved antenna      

Product Features

MCU: Nordic NRF52840 
Sensor: motion & vibration sensor
Connectors: 4 Pin-Magnet for charging
SIM card slot: Nano SIM card; esim card 
Flash memory: 1MB
Built-in microphone& speaker
WIFI: 802.11 b/g/n, 2.4G